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2020November 15, 2008 : Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki In change to the knot
Last time, I reported on the appearance of the Hokuriku Railway Asanogawa Line, but this time I will introduce the Uline coast at the end of the Asano River Line to the connecting of this Kanazawa Coffee Travel. This time, I rented an electric bicycle from the station in front of the Udada station and went to the Udada coast. It was about 10 minutes by bicycle through the rolling hills to reach the entrance of the coast. There are vast sand dunes to the sea, and the sand is as fine as senrihama beach. You can also drive to the middle of the sand dunes. You can also see the big waves of the Sea of Japan far. The rough seascape was very impressive to me, who is used to seeing the calm waters of Setouchi. The coast seems to be quite a famous spot for surfers, and there were several surfing-related shops along the road that followed the seaside. It is now a quiet seaside town, but this town has a history of struggles that cannot be forgotten. In 1952, when the coast was chosen as a candidate site for the U.S. military's artillery shell performance experiment site at the time of the Korean War, townspeople and students united to fight against it. The struggle was able to bear fruit and avoid becoming a shell test site, but if you look at the photos at that time, the intensity of the struggle movement is oversed. Now, the beautiful seascape is spreading as if nothing had happened. Please come and visit this beautiful beach for your trip to Kanazawa. It is about 30 minutes from Kanazawa city. After that, there is a town-run hot spring called Heartwarming Hot Spring when you go further by bicycle from here. The scenery of the Sea of Japan visible from the bathhouse in an authentic hot spring was also very wonderful. For Unada, it is very good deals when you purchase a walking coupon for Unada-cho sold at Kitatetsu Kanazawa Station (there are benefits such as unlimited rides between Kanazawa and Udada, and free heartwarming hot springs)
2020年11月14日 : Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Extra Edition
Until last time, I introduced three retro coffee shops in Kanazawa City. This time, I will leave the café and introduce hokuriku railway and Udada coast. As you know, there are various tourist attractions in Kanazawa City, including Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, tea house districts from east and west, and Omicho Market. However, there are some spots that are very local and heart-to-heart if you go a little to the suburbs. Kanazawa Station on the Hokuriku Railway, right next to JR Kanazawa Station, is a quiet station away from the bustle of the city. It was 20 minutes to take the train from this station, and I went to the last station, Udada Station. The train is a little small two-car train with an old-fashioned vehicle like a look, all collect a ticket every time the driver stops at the station in a one-man car, and therefore the door opens only the door right behind the driver just like the route bus. When a passenger is dropped off, they move to this door and get off. All the way to the Uchinada, the last stop, are single-line, and you'll be waiting for you to go up and down at the station around the middle. I'm used to seeing kansai railways, especially jr and Keihan's vast double-track tracks, so the track of the single track is very minimal, and there is a mysterious tokime that will draw you into the dream world. When I asked the station staff, the hokuriku railway's vehicle was using the "o sagari" of Keio Electric Railway's vehicle in Tokyo. Next time, I will introduce the Uuchinada coast.
2020November 13, 2010 : Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 3
This is the third coffee shop introduction in Kanazawa, and today I will introduce the café shore. Oyama Shrine, which enshrines The Kaga feudal lord Toshie Maeda, is one of kanazawa's famous places, coupled with its unique gate design. There is a café in front of the entrance stone steps of this shrine. The location is quite good as you can see. In 2008, an old coffee shop appeared in the movie "Ying around", which won numerous movie awards. I think that there are many people who remember that house where Mop-kun returns home and lives with Ryoko Hirosue, but it is close to the atmosphere of that house. The inside of the store is a small shop with only a counter, but the coffee that Mom put in was quite delicious. In addition, when you order coffee, some sweets are also available. And there are two beautiful cats in the store, and this cat is also a specialty of this store.
2020November 12, 2008 : Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 2
Following on from the previous article, we will introduce a coffee shop in the ancient city of Kanazawa. Speaking of the main of Kanazawa gourmet, it is Omicho Market after all. If it is seafood of hokuriku including crab, everything is complete. Of course, there are many delicious restaurants such as sushi restaurants and seafood bowls, and when lunchtime approaches, there is an early line at popular restaurants. The Tode Coffee shop introduced this time is located right next to such a lively Omicho market. The appearance is quite stately like a look, and it is a shop that seems to be a coffee specialty store reminiscent of Kobe's Nosuda Coffee and Kyoto's Inoda. The atmosphere of the store is calm and chic as you can see, and there are surprisingly many types of coffee, so you will get lost in choosing. I ordered Ethiopia, but it was very delicious. On this day, I only ordered coffee, but the cake menu was quite substantial. Please stop by after your meal at Omicho Market.
2020November 10, 2008 : Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 1
I traveled to Kanazawa using GOTO Travel. If you take the beautiful and quiet ancient capital of Hokuriku Kanazawa and JR limited express Thunderbird for 2.5 hours, if you pass the long Hokuriku Tunnel before long while looking at the scenery of Lake Biwa on the Kosai Line, you will already reach Kanazawa after hokuriku and some hot spring villages. The Hokuriku is much closer. Three times from this time, we will introduce a retro coffee shop in the ancient city of Kanazawa. All the shops are located in an easy-to-understand location, not far from the center. Please stop by when you travel to Kanazawa.This time, I will introduce Nagatatei. A new hotel is built one after another in front of Kanazawa Station, but there is Nagatatei in the street lined with old-fashioned inns and restaurants behind such hotels. Alcause there was no morning service, the taste of coffee was quite delicious while there was no morning service, and jazz was quietly flowing in the store, so I was able to relax slowly. The narrow tower and door visible on the roof of the shop are said to be entrances and exits for snow grating. Such a place still seems to be Hokuriku.