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Last time, I reported on the appearance of the Hokuriku Railway Asanogawa Line, but this time I will introduce the Uline coast at the end of the Asano River Line to the connecting of this Kanazawa Coffee Travel. This time, I rented an electric bicycle from the station in front of the Udada station and went to the Udada coast. It was about 10 minutes by bicycle through the rolling hills to reach the entrance of the coast. There are vast sand dunes to the sea, and the sand is as fine as senrihama beach. You can also drive to the middle of the sand dunes. You can also see the big waves of the Sea of Japan far. The rough seascape was very impressive to me, who is used to seeing the calm waters of Setouchi. The coast seems to be quite a famous spot for surfers, and there were several surfing-related shops along the road that followed the seaside. It is now a quiet seaside town, but this town has a history of struggles that cannot be forgotten. In 1952, when the coast was chosen as a candidate site for the U.S. military's artillery shell performance experiment site at the time of the Korean War, townspeople and students united to fight against it. The struggle was able to bear fruit and avoid becoming a shell test site, but if you look at the photos at that time, the intensity of the struggle movement is oversed. Now, the beautiful seascape is spreading as if nothing had happened. Please come and visit this beautiful beach for your trip to Kanazawa. It is about 30 minutes from Kanazawa city. After that, there is a town-run hot spring called Heartwarming Hot Spring when you go further by bicycle from here. The scenery of the Sea of Japan visible from the bathhouse in an authentic hot spring was also very wonderful. For Unada, it is very good deals when you purchase a walking coupon for Unada-cho sold at Kitatetsu Kanazawa Station (there are benefits such as unlimited rides between Kanazawa and Udada, and free heartwarming hot springs)