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Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Extra Edition

Until last time, I introduced three retro coffee shops in Kanazawa City. This time, I will leave the café and introduce hokuriku railway and Udada coast. As you know, there are various tourist attractions in Kanazawa City, including Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa Castle, tea house districts from east and west, and Omicho Market. However, there are some spots that are very local and heart-to-heart if you go a little to the suburbs. Kanazawa Station on the Hokuriku Railway, right next to JR Kanazawa Station, is a quiet station away from the bustle of the city. It was 20 minutes to take the train from this station, and I went to the last station, Udada Station. The train is a little small two-car train with an old-fashioned vehicle like a look, all collect a ticket every time the driver stops at the station in a one-man car, and therefore the door opens only the door right behind the driver just like the route bus. When a passenger is dropped off, they move to this door and get off. All the way to the Uchinada, the last stop, are single-line, and you'll be waiting for you to go up and down at the station around the middle. I'm used to seeing kansai railways, especially jr and Keihan's vast double-track tracks, so the track of the single track is very minimal, and there is a mysterious tokime that will draw you into the dream world. When I asked the station staff, the hokuriku railway's vehicle was using the "o sagari" of Keio Electric Railway's vehicle in Tokyo. Next time, I will introduce the Uuchinada coast.