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Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 3

This is the third coffee shop introduction in Kanazawa, and today I will introduce the café shore. Oyama Shrine, which enshrines The Kaga feudal lord Toshie Maeda, is one of kanazawa's famous places, coupled with its unique gate design. There is a café in front of the entrance stone steps of this shrine. The location is quite good as you can see. In 2008, an old coffee shop appeared in the movie "Ying around", which won numerous movie awards. I think that there are many people who remember that house where Mop-kun returns home and lives with Ryoko Hirosue, but it is close to the atmosphere of that house. The inside of the store is a small shop with only a counter, but the coffee that Mom put in was quite delicious. In addition, when you order coffee, some sweets are also available. And there are two beautiful cats in the store, and this cat is also a specialty of this store.