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Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 2

Following on from the previous article, we will introduce a coffee shop in the ancient city of Kanazawa. Speaking of the main of Kanazawa gourmet, it is Omicho Market after all. If it is seafood of hokuriku including crab, everything is complete. Of course, there are many delicious restaurants such as sushi restaurants and seafood bowls, and when lunchtime approaches, there is an early line at popular restaurants. The Tode Coffee shop introduced this time is located right next to such a lively Omicho market. The appearance is quite stately like a look, and it is a shop that seems to be a coffee specialty store reminiscent of Kobe's Nosuda Coffee and Kyoto's Inoda. The atmosphere of the store is calm and chic as you can see, and there are surprisingly many types of coffee, so you will get lost in choosing. I ordered Ethiopia, but it was very delicious. On this day, I only ordered coffee, but the cake menu was quite substantial. Please stop by after your meal at Omicho Market.