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Kanazawa Coffee Noriyuki Part 1

I traveled to Kanazawa using GOTO Travel. If you take the beautiful and quiet ancient capital of Hokuriku Kanazawa and JR limited express Thunderbird for 2.5 hours, if you pass the long Hokuriku Tunnel before long while looking at the scenery of Lake Biwa on the Kosai Line, you will already reach Kanazawa after hokuriku and some hot spring villages. The Hokuriku is much closer. Three times from this time, we will introduce a retro coffee shop in the ancient city of Kanazawa. All the shops are located in an easy-to-understand location, not far from the center. Please stop by when you travel to Kanazawa.This time, I will introduce Nagatatei. A new hotel is built one after another in front of Kanazawa Station, but there is Nagatatei in the street lined with old-fashioned inns and restaurants behind such hotels. Alcause there was no morning service, the taste of coffee was quite delicious while there was no morning service, and jazz was quietly flowing in the store, so I was able to relax slowly. The narrow tower and door visible on the roof of the shop are said to be entrances and exits for snow grating. Such a place still seems to be Hokuriku.